A beautiful, healthy smile is our business card. It makes you feel attractive and gives you confidence. The health of the oral cavity is affected primarily by proper diet and hygiene. We also encourage regular follow-up visits during which the dentist performs oral examination and performs RVG diagnostics, paying particular attention to the state of oral hygiene, gum conditions, periodontitis and examines the anatomical structures of the oral cavity.

Occlusal photo – diagnostic tools in assessing the tightness of existing fillings, for detecting caries on the contact surfaces of teeth and hidden caries.

Pantomographic image - shows the interrelationship of all anatomical structures in the mouth, performed primarily for cancer diagnostics and before tooth extraction.

Periapical image - a single tooth photo taken during endontic treatment.



onservative dentistry deals with the treatment of tooth decay.

Initial caries is in the form of unsightly white spots on the enamel surface and, if untreated, spreads deep into the tooth's hard tissues.

Caries diagnosis is carried out during dental examination using dental magnifying glasses and occlusal photographs. Thanks to this, we can localize caries at its initial stage.

Untreated caries leads to tooth pulp inflammation which is associated with the need for endodontic (root canal) treatment.



Endodontic treatment consists in removing the infected tooth pulp from the root canal. Pulp inflammation is most often the result of untreated caries.


  • severe spontaneous toothache;
  • deep caries;
  • tooth sensitive to knocking - increased or weakened reaction to tooth life;
  • periapical inflammation;
  • pulp necrosis e.g. after injury.

We carry out the treatment in the cofferdam using rotary machine tools, fill the canal with a system for warm gutta-percha.


Dental surgery

Surgical procedures offered in the office:

  • tooth removal;
  • removing the roots
  • remove wisdom teeth;
  • incision of an abscess.



Prosthetic procedures are aimed at improving the shape and aesthetics and restoring significantly damaged teeth or missing teeth

  • veneers;
  • crown;
  • Bridges;
  • Prostheses



Every little patient in our office can feel special. We are aware of how demanding small patients are, that's why during the first visit we try to gain their trust.

During the first adaptation visit, the child has the opportunity to get used to the new environment and staff. Each successful visit ends with a small gift for a brave patient.

The role of parents is extremely important in working with young patients. Do not pass on your dentist fears to your child.

Dear parent:

  • Do not use negatively marked words with your child: "do not be afraid", "break out", drill.
  • Never cheat on your child - if the first adaptation visit is pleasant and pleasant, the second visit, if there is a need for treatment or administration of anesthesia, may be associated with an unpleasant feeling when administering anesthesia or developing a cavity.


The price list of dental services is determined by an independent institution for a given calendar year and applies to every dental office in the Netherlands.

The current price list is available at



Basic health insurance is compulsory in the Netherlands for anyone living and / or working here.

Insurers also offer additional insurance packages, including a dental package, enabling treatment under insurance.

Everyone can choose the insurance package that is right for them. The insurance company may be changed or the basic package extended by the end of December this year.



Before the first visit, the patient receives a registration form to fill out, containing information on health status and personal data.

The patient undertakes to report any change in his health and / or personal data.


Please inform the office about your inability to appear for a visit at least 24 hours. ahead of her date. The Monday visit should be canceled by Friday at 17:00 at the latest.

Otherwise, the office may issue a financial penalty of 30 euros for every 15 minutes of the scheduled visit.


Patients who do not have dental insurance and / or complete personal data are required to settle payments on the spot in the office.

Patients with dental insurance receive bills from the INFOMEDICS billing company, which settles with your insurer and sends an invoice to you for any additional payment.


Are you satisfied with our work? Write to us! Every positive opinion gives us wings and motivates us to work even better!

Are you unhappy with the visit, do you have any comments? Write to us! Each negative opinion makes us reflect and sets the direction for possible changes.

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